Annual Meeting



March 2, 2006


The annual meeting of the Continental View Homeowners Association was held at the Louisville Recreation Center on March 2, 2006.  The meeting came to order at 7:30pm..


In Attendance

Butch Wilson, Jack Barnard, Roger Holmes, Rich Osgood, Sharon Szabados, Michael Malmer, Michael Menaker, Mary Mulcahey, Linda and John Helton, Dorinda Gonzalez,

Mike Arnold, Toni Dolan, Keith Mullins, Diane Osgood.


Old Business

Roger Holmes, Treasurer, presented the 2005 expenditures. All financial details will be posted on our web site.  Our water costs were down due to a credit from the water department and diligent water management by Diane Osgood.  Sprinkler costs were slightly higher for two reasons; the electrical line to one of the control boxes was cut, and tree roots in Outlot B are causing damage to the sprinkler lines.  Our contractor believes that sometime within the next two years we will need to replace these lines with material resistant to root damage.  The fence was repaired and flagstone caps for the brick pillars were replaced.


New Business

The 2006 budget and proposed dues were presented by Roger. 


Butch Wilson, President, talked briefly about Senate Bill 05-100, which went into effect on 1/1/06.  This bill has requirements for responsible operation of homeowners associations.  The CVEHOA board has already taken steps to insure compliance.  We will be establishing an audit process posting all information on the web site.


Jack Barnard has established our own web site domain and email address.  The web site will appear on all future correspondence and will include the following:

        Notification of Board meetings

        Minutes of Board meetings

        HOA Covenants

        Architectural guidelines

        Activities corner

        Tennis Court Rules

        Common Area restrictions


Please contact the board if you have suggestions regarding the web site.


Michael Minneker discussed establishing more current architectural guidelines. The Board will meet with the Architectural committee to discuss further.  Michael also suggested we try to get email addresses from everyone in the association to be used in notification of board meetings and other special activities.  The homeowners will be contacted by phone to solicit email addresses.


Members present were interested in planning a neighborhood picnic this summer and Mike Arnold and Toni Dolan volunteered to head the planning committee.  Please refer to the web site as details develop.


It was suggested we also use the web site to post lists of people interested in certain activities such as tennis, hiking, biking, and so on.


With business at hand completed, a secret ballot was held to vote for 2006 board of directors.   The sealed proxy votes were counted along with votes from members in attendance.  All homeowners voted to re-elect the current board members for 2006.


Butch Wilson

Jack Barnard

Roger Holmes

Sharon Szabados

Rich Osgood


Architectural committee volunteers for 2006 are:

Michael Menneker

Sherry Burkee

Mike Arnold


Grounds Committee volunteers for 2006 are:

Diana Osgood

Sharon Szabados


We would like to have three members on the Grounds Committee, if anyone would like to volunteer, please contact Diane Osgood at 303-666-4118.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm




Minutes submitted by Sharon Szabados