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Board of Directors:    
Michelle Baker 720-323-4621 President
Ben Hauser Vice-President
John Helton 303-665-9061 Treasurer
Jody Splett 303-666-0397 Secretary
Dan Nichols At Large
Architectural and Landscape Committee:
Dave Szabados 303-665-8768  
Marianne Martin 303 258-7339  
Cheryl Hoffman 719-684-5003  
Contact the above persons if you are planning ANY exterior projects, i.e. Landscaping, Painting, Decks, Enclosures, Fences, Roof replacement, etc. These plans must be submitted on paper and reviewed by the committee. Requests will be returned within 30 days.

   Online Architectural and Landscape Request Form
Grounds Maintenance Committee:
Diane Osgood 303-666-4118  
Sheree Burcar 303-665-6128
Barbara Goodman  
Marianee Martin 303-258-7339  
Contact these people if you notice broken sprinkler heads or poor water coverage. Also please report any fence damage along South Boulder Road.
P.O. Box 185
Louisville, CO 80027
Website Updates:  
Fred Langer (303) 661-9139